Young entrepreneur does more than sell action sports eye wear

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With spring sports into full swing or preparing to start, one can find athletes in sports equipment stores selecting the right foot gear and

Mountain climbing is one sport that requires a special pair of sunglasses.

Mountain climbing is one outdoor sport that requires a special pair of sunglasses.

clothing to gain a competitive edge in the sport they enjoy.

For many outdoor sports, eye wear is equally important. Zack Smith, an outdoors athlete and founder of Opticpulse, has announced March 27 the release of two eye wear selection guides – one for athletes in general and the other for tailored for motorcross enthusiasts.

“Sight is one of our primary senses. With athletes, they often need the ability to view what’s ahead and then process that information to make their bodies respond accordingly,” Smith said. “How fast an athlete is able to view and process what’s ahead could be the difference between first and last.”

The sunglasses purchase guide, written entirely by Smith, include information every athlete and fan of sunglasses should know. Smith kicks off the guide with a brief history of the sunglasses industry and a detailed diagram of the basic composition of a pair of sunglasses. Some of the tips he provides to athletes include:

  • What to look for when choosing the ideal pair of sunglasses
  • Tints and lenses choices
  • Sports performance and eye wear

“I view life as finding the adventure in everyday life. Sunglasses and eyewear should work to enhance those experiences. It’s not always about price or manufacture,” Smith said.

Smith, a formerly ranked motorcross athlete in Western New York, said, for example, in motorsports, it is best to choose a pair of glasses that will decrease the eyestrain and protect the eyes from flying rocks. Also, athletes and non-athletes can use the guide to find the best type of sunglasses for their type of face.

“Determining your face shape is the first step to selecting sunglasses. The right frame paired with the correct face structure can make all the difference,” Smith said.

In addition to the Octipulse blog, Smith posts video blogs on YouTube on purchasing sports sunglasses.

To read the MX guide in its entirety, visit Read the sunglasses buying guide at

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